✨ welcome to violastream 3.0

VIOLASTREAM is an interactive livestream performance where you, the audiences, collectively vote for Viola's actions. Once you enter the stream, you have access to buttons with different action choices to vote for, camera direction control, and a comment box. At my isolated performance space, a computer displays and reads out all of your inputs in real time, calculates votes and commands me to carry out the highest voted tasks.

+ One button can be pressed every 5 seconds, which include tasks, camera control, and "stop task".

+ Whenever an old task ends, the task with most votes accumilated while I was doing the previous task will be selected to perform next.

+ To stop current task, more "stop task" votes need to be casted than its vote when selected.

Code for the project can be found + here
Watch video documentation + here
VIOLASTREAM @ xCoAx 2021 + here